The archaeological park of the Cemmo boulders

The archaeological park

of the Cemmo boulders

It enhances the first site of rock art in Valle Camonica, located by the geographer Gualtiero Laeng thanks to the presence of two important boulders, which had slid down from the high rocky formation called “Pian delle Greppe”.

CEMMOBOULDERN.1 – The main surface, bearing most of the engravings, is turned East. Among the over 150 figures, you will see deer with branched antlers, chamoises with short, hooked horns, steinbocks and wild boars.

CEMMOBOULDER  N.2 – Placed15 meterssouth of Cemmo 1, the engraved surface is turned North. The figures represent animals (dogs and wolves, with their tails bent respectively upwards and downwards and steinbocks); weapons (an axe, a halberd and numerous triangular-bladed daggers); human figures, a ploughing scene and a cart.

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