The archaeological town park of Seradina-Bedolina

The archaeological town park

of Seradina-Bedolina

Beside the engravings, this park offers the visitor the possibility to observe particular botanical and geological species. We are talking about the Indian Fig and about the Potholes. The scientific name of the Indian Fig is Opuntia Humifusa: native of North America, it is small and loves sunny and dry spots; it also produces yellowish flowers and red fruits.

“Potholes” are cylinder-shaped holes, dug vertically in the rocks to form natural pits or basins. They have different diameters and depth and, usually, a circular section.

Very famous, due to the fact that it was the first to be published, is the “Bedolina Map”: here the topographical figures are represented through simple quadrangles regularly filled with cup-marks.

Another very important theme in this park is represented by the many ploughing scenes. The yoked up animals are usually horses.

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